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How to create an IAM user

1. IAM

  1. Login to the AWS Console
  2. Entered "IAM" in AWS Services search and follow link

2. Policies

  1. Click on "Policies" in on the left panel
  2. Click "Create policy" button

3. Create Policy

  1. Click "JSON" tab

4. Create Policy - JSON

  1. Cut and Paste json from Mizer console into AWS console
  2. Click "Review policy" button

5. Review Policy

  1. Enter a name
  2. Enter a description
  3. Click "Create policy" button

6. Users

  1. Click "Users" in the left panel
  2. Click "Add user" button

7. Add User

  1. Enter username
  2. Check checkbox by "Programmatic access"
  3. Click "Next: Permissions" button

8. Add User - Permissions

  1. Click "Attach existing policies directly" box
  2. Enter name of policy created earlier in search box
  3. Click the checkbox by policy created earlier
  4. Click "Next: Review" button

9. Add User - Review

  1. Click "Create user" button

10. Add User - Created

  1. Copy down username, access key id and secret access key
  2. Enter IAM information into Mizer Console

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