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What does it do?

Load balancing and auto-scaling made easy

Mizer setups up your application to be load balanced and automatically scales based on need in just two simple steps.

Mizer creates a full AWS network environment to load balance and scale your application. This is done through Mizers zone provisioning process which takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. You will only have to provision a zone one time.

After a zone is provisioned you may launch load balanced clusters in that zone. Each load balanced cluster will keep a minimum of two servers running for redundancy. The cluster will scale based on the load of the application. A clusters creation time is based on your docker container, however, most application will be created in under one minute.

Optimizing for performance and cost

Mizer monitors your application usage and not only scales the amount of server but adapts the AWS instance type to fit your application needs.

Mizer takes snapshots of performance on each server every minute to track trends. When Mizer recognizes that the server is under or over utilized it will find a better instance type.

To find the better instance type it will take into account two major factors. I will first find the correct hardware needed for performance. After it locates all the servers that will fit the performance needs it will select the one that is most cost efficient.

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